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Anhui Tianyu JiDian YouXing GongSi
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Contact:Mr Yang
Address:No.88,LongChi Road,Economic Development Zone of TongCheng City

Anhui Tianyu electromechanical Co., Ltd. has many years experience in the production of carbon products, high-tech factories, factory adopts Germany imported automatic production equipment, production of carbon brushes, electrical carbon billet, electrical carbon products, and one-time molding a variety of brushes.

Anhui Tianyu company established products laboratory, technical research laboratory. Computer 3D design adopt carbon product development, has a strong development ability.

Tianyu is the production of various types of carbon series stamping casting products, a total of six series, more than 2 kinds of specifications. According to customer requirements to develop and produce other special products.

The production of products widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, DC motor, electric tools, cleaning machine, vacuum motor, reduces the fat machine, massage chair motor.

Anhui Tianyu electromechanical Co., Ltd. is the production of electrical carbon products has a excellent conductive properties and wear resistance, more suitable for use in high current, high load conditions.

Relates to the defense, petrochemical, harbors, electric power, railway, metallurgy, building materials, such as industry and other fields, the best-selling domestic and foreign markets, are exported to North America, Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions.

Companies pay attention to product development and technological innovation, with their new product R & D and testing center, and building relationships with the school of materials science and engineering, Hefei University of technology, joint research and development of new products, new products and domestic numerous industry selection and approval, and exported to many countries and regions.

Anhui Tianyu limited company many times by the Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce as a "re contract and trustworthy enterprise"

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